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Zhen is a Triple Threat Triad member. In 174 AG, he was commanded by Tokuga to kidnapp Asami Sato in order to prepare a turf war in Republic City.[1]


Kidnapping Asami Sato

In 174 AG, in the hideout of the Triple Threat Triad, Zhen, alongside Shady Shin and another members of the triad, were playing a card game, which Zhen was winning. While they were playing, Zhen commented the fact that Tokuga was getting what he wanted: the Triple Threat Triad would rule Republic City. Shady interrupted him, saying that the lider of the triad was working on something big, though Zhen pointed out that, while they had Lightning Bolt Zolt and Viper as their leaders, now he had not any idea of this new member, except that the fidelity toward him was an obligation; Viper vouched him and, according to Zhen, he was now murdered by Tokuga. Unbeknownst to him, Tokuga entered the room and grabbed Zhen around his neck with his tentacle before the triad member could run out. Tokuga explained them all his intentions and Zhen accorded to be loyal to him. To prove it, Tokuga commanded him an "important job": kidnapping Asami Sato in order that Avatar Korra surrendered herself.

That afternoon, a group of members from the Triple Threat Triad, all commanded by Zhen, arrived to Asami Sato's temporary office and ambused them. He managed to captured her and, while Tokuga was facing Team Avatar, he was in an airship showing a kidnapped Asami Sato, hinting that, if they does not surrendered, she would die.[1]


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