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The yak[1] is an ungulate that inhabits the cold, desolate, and open terrain of the North Pole.


As a young boy, Noatak used bloodbending on one of these animals as part of his instruction in the art by his father, Yakone. He did so with ease, and ignored the bellows of pain from the animal he was controlling. After being released from Noatak's hold, the creature fell to the ground before fleeing with the rest of its herd.[2]


Yaks behave like most bovine creatures, living in herds and grazing. They are also easily startled, but flee in a herd.


The yak appears to be entirely based on its namesake, the real-world yak.


  • The yak is the first animal Noatak was known to bloodbend and the second of three animals that are known to have been bloodbent, the first being an elephant rat[3] and the third being a pack of wolves.[2]


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