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Wonyong Keum is the CEO of Keum Enterprises. Owning the land surrounding the Republic City spirit portal, he intends to turn the area into an amusement park from where he could launch tours and excursions into the Spirit World.[1]


166 AG

In 166 AG, Wonyong had an important business meeting with Hiroshi Sato, though he eventually decided not to go through with it, much to the annoyance of the Sato family.[1]

174 AG

Jinora challenges Wonyong

Wonyong informed Jinora and the other airbenders that they were trespassing on his land, as he owned the land surrounding the Republic City spirit portal.

Eight years later, in the aftermath of Kuvira's failed invasion of the United Republic of Nations, Wonyong, as the owner of the land surrounding the spirit portal in downtown Republic City, visited the spirit portal with a work crew to measure up the area, as he intended to turn it into an amusement park. Discovering several airbenders who had been meditating there, he ordered them to vacate the area under threat of calling the police. Jinora, speaking for their group, refused to leave, and an angered Wonyong yelled at her that they were trespassing. When Avatar Korra and Asami emerged from the spirit portal, Wonyong introduced himself to the Avatar and was surprised to discover Asami there as well, almost failing to recognize her, as he had not seen her since he had walked out on an important deal with her father. When Asami showed her resentment toward him, he explained that his actions were purely business, nothing personal, and extended his condolences for the loss of Hiroshi. He did not seem fazed when Asami rejected them and turned his attention back to Korra, asking her to escort the airbenders off his property. When Jinora pleaded with Korra not to listen, saying that Wonyong intended to build a road leading to the Spirit World so he could drive "truckloads of tourists" into the Spirit World, the businessman countered that Jinora was making his plans sound crass. What he really intended to do, according to himself, was to provide a "state-of-the-art experience for the discerning traveler", since he believed everyone should be able to experience the wonders and beauty that the Spirit World had to offer. When an angry Asami bluntly stated that people like him should not be allowed anywhere near the Spirit World just because it is wondrous and beautiful, Wonyong snapped back that there is nothing any of them could do about his plans since Keum Enterprises owned the land.

The dragon eel spirit threatening Wonyong

Wonyong was threatened by the dragon eel spirit over his plans to exploit the Spirit World.

Their argument was interrupted when the dragon eel spirit appeared and confronted a startled Wonyong, saying that he was just another human who refused to respect the sacred and making it clear that the deeds to the land did not give him the right to ravage and plunder the Spirit World. After Korra reasoned with the spirit and it returned to its own world, Wonyong, having had enough, reiterated that Korra and her friends were all trespassing on his land and that he wanted them gone immediately. The Avatar did not take kindly to his order and entered the Avatar State, intimidating Wonyong and his workers into fleeing the area.

Tokuga attacks Wonyong

Wonyong was attack by Tokuga, who held him responsible for his disfigurement by the dragon eel spirit.

Wonyong was not pleased with how things transpired and hired the Triple Threat Triad to secure the area surrounding the portal. After the attack transpired, Wonyong received a surprise visit from Tokuga and a few of his men, who had forced their way into the Keum Enterprise building. The businessman was shocked to see Tokuga's new appearance, as the Triple Threat Leader was partially deformed due to a hostile encounter with the dragon eel spirit. Tokuga was under the impression that Korra had summoned the spirits and ordered one to attack him and therefore held Wonyong responsible for not alerting him of the possibility that the Avatar could have interfered. When Tokuga attacked him, lifting him off the ground by his neck, Wonyong asked what he desired, readily vowing to pay double of what he already owed him. The Triple Threat leader was not satisfied with the order and told Wonyong that he assumed control of Keum Enterprises and all its assets, effective immediately, which meant that the businessman now worked for him.[1]

Wonyong was subsequently held captive by the Triple Threats, which alerted his bodyguards and wife, though they all refrained from reporting his disappearance to the authorities due to his private nature and dislike for the authorities.[2]


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