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Wonyong Keum is the head of Keum Enterprises and a land developer with plans to develop the Republic City spirit portal and the land surrounding it into an amusement park.[1]


Many years before 174 AG, Wonyong was about to make an important business negotiation with Hiroshi Sato. However, the plans fell through, causing Asami Sato to resent him ever since.

After the Invasion of the United Republic of Nations, Wonyong secured the rights to the land surrounding the Republic City spirit portal. He made plans to develop the land into a tourist attraction; however, he was stopped by Avatar Korra and the new airbenders. After being stopped, he made plans with Tokuga of the Triple Threat Triad to have him attack Korra in his place. After those plans fell through and Tokuga became disfigured, Tokuga attacked his headquarters and forcibly took hold of his corporation.[1]


Graphic novel trilogies


  • Wonyong Keum's name was originally going to be Yushi Yoshida but was changed sometime during production.[2]


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