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This article is about the creature. For the pro-bending team, see White Falls Wolfbats. For other similar uses, see Wolf (disambiguation).

The wolfbat is an animal native to the caves of the Earth Kingdom, particularly the Cave of Two Lovers.[1]


A wolfbat attacked Team Avatar as they made their way through the Cave of Two Lovers. Sokka attempted to swat it away with a torch, only for the torch to be knocked out of his hand and land near Appa, subsequently scaring the flying bison and causing the wolfbat to flee. Shortly afterward, a group of wolfbats fled from two badgermoles passing by Sokka and the traveling nomads.[1]


The wolfbat is the size of a wolf and generally resembles the canine, except for its bat-like wings and face. It is brown in coloration, quadrupedal, and possesses a set of webbed wings that it uses to fly. It has sharp, pointed teeth and a snout that resembles that of a hog's.


Territorial by nature, wolfbats only leave their normal habitat at night. They tend to congregate in large groups, making them even more dangerous.[2] Their only predator is the gigantic badgermole, but they are also frightened by fire.[1] The wolfbat does not build nests.[3]


The wolfbat possesses attributes from both of its namesakes; its body shape and size, as well as its general temperament, resemble that of a wolf, whilst its wings and face are taken from a bat.



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