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White jade
Iroh staring at a white jade flower.
Lady LostrisAdded by Lady Lostris

The white jade bush (Chinese: 白玉花) is a poisonous flowering plant that grows in the eastern Earth Kingdom. It produces solitary red-and-white blossoms at the end of long vines. Its leaves and flowers contain a toxin which causes itching rashes if they come in contact with skin. If ingested, the rash spreads throughout the body and may become fatal if it inflames or constricts the victim's airways. A specialized green paste may heal any such rashes if applied in time; bacui berries can be used as an herbal remedy.

Because of its appearance, it is often mistaken for the white dragon bush, a plant famed for its tea-making qualities, and as such is sometimes ingested by misinformed tea lovers like Iroh.[1]


  • The effects of touching or eating the white jade bush are similar to the side effects of the poison ivy plant.
  • Ming, a kindhearted Fire Nation prison guard, gave Iroh white jade tea to drink despite its fatal consequences.[2]
  • The above image seems to have been used as a template by to design the appearance of the white dragon bush.
  • Its name is similar to a flower known as the white jade peony.


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