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Whaletail Island is an isle situated on the South Sea, off the southwestern coast of the Earth Kingdom and north of the Southern Air Temple. The island gets its name from its distinctive shape, which resembles a whale's tail. Water Tribe sailing lore claims that whales can never be found anywhere near the island because they believe it to be the tail of the largest whale on Earth.[1]


Monk Tang Xu of the Air Nomads meditated without food on the island for at least 98 days and did so, according to Tenzin, by taking nourishment from the spiritual energy of the universe.[2]

When Aang and his friends were searching for Appa in Ba Sing Se, they were led to an old stable where Appa had reportedly been held. Wanting the Avatar to leave the city, the Dai Li had secretly installed one of their agents as a janitor at the stable. He mentioned to Aang in an offhand way that the bison had been taken to Whaletail Island, which would take many weeks to reach from Ba Sing Se. However, Team Avatar later realized this was a ploy, and did not leave for Whaletail Island.[3]

During the summer of 100 AG, the Southern Raiders were on patrol near Whaletail Island. Their position was recorded at a communications tower, which Katara and Zuko used to determine the whereabouts of the Southern Raiders commander.[4]



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