Water Tribe emblem
Whale's tooth scimitar

Sokka found a whale tooth scimitar in an Earth Kingdom forest.

The whale's tooth scimitar is a Water Tribe weapon made by attaching the tooth of a whale to the end of a long, wooden stick. Although it may appear primitive, the scimitar can actually be deadly. Its small, mobile size is practical for close-range combat.[1] The whale's tooth scimitar was used by warriors from both the Southern and Northern Water Tribes during the Hundred Year War.[2]


When Zuko invaded the Southern Water Tribe village in search of the Avatar, Sokka bravely charged the young firebender with one of these weapons. However, Zuko quickly rendered the weapon useless by breaking the sharp top off with a few strong sweeps of his forearms. He ended up destroying the weapon completely by breaking it in little pieces.[3] On Team Avatar's journey in the Earth Kingdom in the vicinity of an abbey, Aang found a blackened top of a whale's tooth scimitar which Sokka quickly identified to be a Water Tribe weapon.[4] Hakoda and the Water Tribe forces also used them during the Invasion of the Fire Nation; Hakoda showed himself to be proficient with them as he defeated waves of Fire Nation soldiers.[5]


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