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Wenyan is the campaign manager for President Raiko's reelection campaign in 174 AG.[1]


Concerned with President Raiko's bad image with the people of Republic City, Wenyan ordered several campaign posters that depicted a heroic Raiko punching Kuvira's enormous mecha suit while sporting the slogan "Vote Raiko—He'll wallop tyranny with a knockout blow!" To convince a skeptical Raiko, who was concerned that the poster sent the misleading message that he was the one defeating Kuvira rather than the Avatar, Wenyan pointed out that Raiko needed to project an image of strength and fearlessness to offset the people's belief that their president was a coward who abandoned them in their time of need.

Their conversation was interrupted by Avatar Korra, Asami Sato, and Zhu Li, who came to discuss the poor housing accommodations of the people left homeless after the invasion of the United Republic of Nations. When Raiko refused to fund their project, reasoning that the city had no additional money to spare, Wenyan took the president aside and pointed out that the three women might have been on to something. With Raiko's approving rate at a negative three percent despite running unopposed, he reasoned that, if the president managed to give all the refugees a home again, the people's hate for him would shift to appreciation, which would translate in them voting for him for a second term in office. Wenyan's theory resonated with Raiko, and the president gave the green light for the housing project.[1]


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