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This article is about the waterbending master from the Northern Water Tribe. For the metalbender from Zaofu, see Wei and Wing.
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The following information is not considered to be part of the main continuity.

Master Wei was a well-known waterbending master from the Northern Water Tribe.


When Master Wei met Aang, he consulted him about the abduction of a young waterbender and hunter named Hiryu, who had been kidnapped by anti-bending machines created by Lian. Master Wei sent Aang to scour the North Pole in order to find clues that may help determine the identity of Hiryu's abductors, or the cause of the waterbender's abrupt disappearance.

During Zuko's attack on the village, Master Wei fought alongside Katara to defend the tribe. While fending off a soldier, he was burned by Prince Zuko, who threatened to kill him if Katara did not go with Zuko. As she complied, Wei was left by himself at the entrance to the village, rendered unable to move due to his sustained injuries.

After he was found by Aang, Wei informed him that Hiryu was probably dead and left to heal his wounds.[1]


  • Master Wei is highly similar in appearance to Master Pakku, who is also a waterbending master in the Northern Water Tribe.
  • Master Wei is one of the few Water Tribe characters who does not have an "aw" sound in his name. Other characters who lack this characteristic Water Tribe sound include Nini and Ummi.