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The following information is not considered to be part of the main continuity.

Visola was a waterbender who created weapons to augment her bending,[1] giving her new fighting styles.


Visola was raised in the "North", where she taught herself how to waterbend and customize her own weapons. Visola was one of the four unique benders that Yahshi scouted for Team Avatar. She used a wave ring to show off her innovation and skill, impressing Katara. The gang began to discuss whether or not to recruit her. However, just as they were about to announce their decision, Visola and the three other benders left to start their own group after they realized that they did not like being judged.[1]


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  • Visola had purple eyes. She was one of the few Water Tribe characters that had neither blue nor gray eyes.
  • Visola had tattoos similar to the markings seen on tiger seals.
  • The name "Visola" is of African origin and means "longing at waterfalls", which coincides with Visola's element.
  • Visola is also the name of a water "tribe" villager in Lego's Bionicle series, albeit with a slight difference in spelling (Vhisola).
  • Visola is a fanmade character entered in the 2006 Nickelodeon Magazine contest where readers sent in their own created characters to be featured in the comic "New Recruits".[2]


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