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The viper bat is a small, flying, winged serpent found in the Earth Kingdom. Though generally diurnal, the viper bat typically avoids strong light and is most comfortable in dark, damp areas, making caves its most preferred habitat.

Often living in large colonies, it is known to be easily aggravated and ill-tempered. Despite their naturally aggressive temperament, domesticated viper bats are known to exist.[1]


While flying on Appa through a storm, Team Avatar encountered a tornado that separated them. Aang managed to land safely and, while attempting to locate the others, he heard a noise from a viper bat. The bat proceeded to attack him, but Aang managed to evade, causing it to slam in to a tree. However, more viper bats appeared and began to surround him. After using his airbending to knock them back, Aang escaped and hid in a cave, only to realize a viper bat colony lived inside. He used earthbending to hide until the bats passed before moving on.[1]


The viper bat primarily resembles a rattlesnake in corpus, the only exceptions being the facial details and wings. Its wings give it great speed and agility, and its fangs supply a penetrating bite. The viper bat bears a dull, red marking that runs the length of its back and has a softer, sand-colored underbelly.

Its tail ends in a crotalus, or rattle, which is of similar color to the belly. Though the mouth and eyes resemble those of a serpent, the ears and nose are more similar to those of a bat.

The viper bat has eight fangs in its mouth and sand-colored tufts of hair in each of its ears. Moreover, the creature's facial structure is similar to a dog's, resembling the chihuahua most specifically.


The term "viper" refers to the Viperidae family of snakes, known for their venom and rather stocky build. Bats are mammals with the ability to fly, a feat achieved through the use of webbed forelimbs resembling wings.

Dogs are domesticated animals known for their versatility. The viper bat exhibits both physical and behavioral similarities to all the aforementioned species.

Much like real-life bats, the viper bat makes its home in caves and away from light.


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