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VUDUBERI is a privately owned art studio that deals in a wide range of illustrated materials, commonly working freelance with a number of companies at the same time. They are best known for their character designs created while under the employment of multiple toy and game companies.[1] In the Avatar franchise, VUDUBERI was hired shortly after the series was greenlighted to illustrate a majority of the trading cards in the Avatar TCG.[2]


VUDUBERI has contributed to the creation or artistic design of much company merchandise, including:[3]

  • The Puppy in My Pocket figurine collection and its Kitty in My Pocket counterpart
  • The Sigma Star Saga character illustrations
  • World of Warcraft and Spiderman novels
  • Multiple incarnations of the Gaia Online and Otakon franchises

Crew members

  • Patara: Cultivator of Artistic Delights
  • Pallin: Curator of Creative Insights
  • James: Facilitator of Forward Thinking[1]


  • VUDUBERI credits Ryan Odagawa and a few others as having assisted in the illustration of some unspecified trading cards,[2] but none of the names listed appear on any of the cards.


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