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Utor was a member of a Fire Nation cavalry unit of mercenaries known as the Rough Rhinos. In that capacity, he became a guard of the Earthen Fire Refinery.[1]


Utor vs Aang

Utor attacked Avatar Aang in order to drive him from the Earthen Fire Refinery.

Utor previously fought in the Hundred Year War as a member of the Fire Nation Army. Following Fire Lord Ozai's defeat, Utor joined the Rough Rhinos, becoming part of the security detail for the Earthen Fire Refinery. When Lao Beifong ordered the Rough Rhinos to escort Team Avatar off the refinery's premises, Utor and the other Rough Rhinos were quick to attack. He was blown backward, however, when Toph raised the earth underneath his feet and Aang used his airbending. He quickly recovered and resumed his assault on the Avatar. As he was recognized to be new to the Rough Rhinos by Aang, Utor introduced himself while swiping at the young Air Nomad with his stick. Utor blamed Aang for "ruin[ing] everything", as he believed he had a good thing going in Ozai's army. He was incapacitated, however, when Aang used earthbending to encase his hands and weapon in earth.[1]


Avatar comics

Graphic novel trilogies


  • Utor has a large tattoo of a red dragon running from one upper arm to the other.[1]


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