To anyone who hasn't gone to see the movie The Last Airbender PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU GO! I may be spoiling part of it but this must be said. So please take time to read this before you go: At first glance this movie is a promotion of Buddhism and then a bunch of special effects thrown in. There was no plot. To go through it all here's what's up:

Katara and Sokka know nothing about the Avatar.

Gran-Gran says they have to go help him.

Gran Gran is called Grandma.

There is no character development. Almost everyone's names are said wrong.

Iroh isn't Iroh.

There's no Heibai.

We don't meet Roku.

Fang is suddenly everywhere.

We don't meet Jet.

We don't meet Suki or any of the Kyoshi warriors.

Bumi isn't here.

Jeong Jeong isn't there.

There was no comedy.

They jumped around.

Haru is suddenly a kid younger than Aang or around his age.

La isn't killed right.

Zhao heisitates.

Zhao is killed by Waterbenders.

There is no angry Water Spirit.

Aang can control the Avatar State.

Suddenly the statues are in the North.

We never see anyone in the Northern Air Temple.

Pakku doesn't have a name.

Pakku doesn't have a problem with girls waterbending.

Pakku doesn't know Gran Gran.

The Last Air Avatar if you pay attention was a guy.

They over complicated things.

We know nothing about Aangs past really.


Sokka's too smart.

We see Momo all of 5 times.

I could go on and on . . . But to tell you one thing this is how bad it got.At 2:00 in the morning we had to cone home, sit down, and watch all of Book 1 again to remind ourselves why we love the series. I would recommend waiting until the weekend and reading other reviews before going. It's just Buddhism heaped on to special effects with no plot line. And now i'm just really ticked and pissed that we gave up a Book 4 for this piece of crap.

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