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    To anyone who hasn't gone to see the movie The Last Airbender PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU GO! I may be spoiling part of it but this must be said. So please take time to read this before you go: At first glance this movie is a promotion of Buddhism and then a bunch of special effects thrown in. There was no plot. To go through it all here's what's up:

    Katara and Sokka know nothing about the Avatar.

    Gran-Gran says they have to go help him.

    Gran Gran is called Grandma.

    There is no character development. Almost everyone's names are said wrong.

    Iroh isn't Iroh.

    There's no Heibai.

    We don't meet Roku.

    Fang is suddenly everywhere.

    We don't meet Jet.

    We don't meet Suki or any of the Kyoshi warriors.

    Bumi isn't here.

    Jeong Jeong isn't there.

    There was no comedy.


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    June 30, 2010 by ZutaraKatara

    Tonight I am going to the midnight premier of The Last Airbender! And I will be going as Katara! I'm dressing my bro as Zuko. (His choice, not mine). So yeah, I'm excited and this is a blog so I just decided to post this! Have a nice day!

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    Okay there are so many things proving Zutara should have happened.

    • In the second season Zuko walks away from Jin like he felt like he was betraying someone, like Katara. Some of you may say it was because of Mai. Think though of the fact that all of the season she's been trying to capture him and we haven't had any Maiko at all. Some of may be saying because of his country. Well remember that at the moment he basically thinks that he'll never be able to go back so why would he care.

    • Notice that Katara is the only person in the whole series that touches Zukos scar. At all, Mai doesn't even try as well as Jin. Song tries but he stops her.

    • In CRoD if you watch Zuko and Katara's whips closely you can see they form hearts.

    • A weak but true defense i…

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