So by now most people are probably going crazy wondering about Tarrlok (how did he learn bloodbending? how can he do it without the aid of a full moon) and the flashbacks shown in today's episodes (was that Yakone bloodbending Aang, Toph and Sokka? How is Yakone related to Tarrlok?). However, the unresolved questions I had in my mind are mostly related to the previous episode, "The Aftermath", and how today's episode seemingly glosses over certain aspects of what happened before.

  • What happened to Hiroshi Sato?

It's clear that the people of Republic City know that Sato is an Equalist (or at least Tarrlok does, since he mentioned it). What's unclear is what happened in the aftermath of "The Aftermath". Did the police go after him, only for him to escape? Why is the news not plastered all over the city, causing a huge ruckus? Does the fact that one of the richest men in Republic City is an Equalist boost support for Amon? There don't seem to be any hints which can help answer these questions in today's episode.

  • What happened to the secret Equalist factory?

Lin Beifong's absence in today's episode seems to have been explained by the fact that she is still recovering from her wounds. Since her resignation was accepted, it seems reasonable to assume that she passed on the information about the Equalist factory and their new weapon, the Mecha tanks. What's strange is that there appears to be no mention at all about the factory or what the police intend to do about it. If I were the new chief of police, I would devote all my efforts into finding a way to defeat these dangerous weapons (if not for the sake of protecting the people, at least for the sake of protecting my officers).

The lack of information regarding the two questions above leads me to two possible conclusions: One - these are plot holes that the writers foolishly overlooked (not likely), or two - Tarrlok is the real antagonist of the show. Did Tarrlok somehow suppress the news about the Equalist factory? It would make since if he were somehow in cahoots with Amon or intentionally manipulating both sides to achieve his ultimate goal (whatever that is). After all, the equalist mecha tanks can be seen as a serious threat not only to the police, but to the general populace of Republic City as well. If Tarrlok were merely a selfish, power-hungry, manipulative politician, he could have used his new authority over the police to complete crush the Equalists and become the hero of Republic City. The fact that he chose to misuse the police by arresting a whole bunch of civilians leads me to believe there is something much more sinister in his objectives. Add to this the fact that he attacked and kidnapped Korra, and there can be no doubt that Tarrlok is up to something very bad.

What do you guys think? Any theories about Tarrlok's motives or the lack of information about the Equalist factory? Any ideas on how Korra can take down 2 powerful villains at once?

  • EDIT* I came across this post on Tumblr which attempts to make sense of the flashbacks and how Tarrlok is related to all of it. This is probably the best theory I've seen so far. Take a look at it and feel free to discuss it as well.

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