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May 19, 2012
  • Zuqiu85

    So today's episode, "Out of the Past", definitely answered a lot of questions that were on people's minds. Once again I am impressed by the collective ability of the fandom to come up with the correct theories about Yakone and his connection to Tarrlok, as well as Tarrlok's motivations. Seeing as how Amon took away Tarrlok's bending, I'm inclined to believe that the two of them were not in cahoots with each other. Technically the possibility still remains that they were formerly partners and ended up betraying each other (it would explain how Amon was able to find Tarrlok so easily), but having seen the trailer of the season finale and how the Equalists appear to have the upper hand, it seems unlikely that Tarrlok would intentionally stren…

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  • Zuqiu85

    So by now most people are probably going crazy wondering about Tarrlok (how did he learn bloodbending? how can he do it without the aid of a full moon) and the flashbacks shown in today's episodes (was that Yakone bloodbending Aang, Toph and Sokka? How is Yakone related to Tarrlok?). However, the unresolved questions I had in my mind are mostly related to the previous episode, "The Aftermath", and how today's episode seemingly glosses over certain aspects of what happened before.

    • What happened to Hiroshi Sato?

    It's clear that the people of Republic City know that Sato is an Equalist (or at least Tarrlok does, since he mentioned it). What's unclear is what happened in the aftermath of "The Aftermath". Did the police go after him, only for him…

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