(PROLUGUE) Zoza is a 15 year old firebender.She has long dark hair and wears little of it in a bun and the rest down.She has an outfit like Azula and Ty-lees but colors like Mai's.Zoza is a more powerful firebender than Azula.Ty-lee once had given her a lesson or two on how to block someone's chi.Mai even taught her how to use her knives.She was good enough to block someone's chi and good enough to throw the knives and hit the target perfectly.Azula is actually a little jealous of Zoza because she can do more than her and she is better at it.(Azula did think she was better at firebending though).One time Azula made Zoza try finding Iroh and Zuko because she was trying to find the Avatar at that time.When Zoza was looking she did find them but as soon as she was fixing to attack she saw Iroh teaching Zuko to redirect lightning therfore she did not attack.Instead she stood far enough where she could here and see them but they couldn't see her so there she watched and did what they did.Although she did not tell Azula about her knowing how to redirect lightning just in case Azula did not want her anymore and she could redirect any lightning she would throw at her.She also didn't tell Azula that she found Iroh and Zuko because Azula would just put them in prison or worse and Zoza secretly had a crush on Zuko.Zoza was the one who brought down the Kyoshi warriors and help defeat them and helped Azula,Mai,and Ty-lee disguise as them.She did not disguise as a Kyoshi warrior because she wanted a more important job,pretending being a Ba Sing Se citizen and seeing how to crush them once the Firenation won the city.Zoza was the one who helped kill the Avatar by helping Azula strike him from behind Azula in the shadows.She knew that once the Avatar was dead there was no more worries of a new Avatar because Aang was in the Avatar State thus the cycle was broken.


Azula:We are approaching home Zu-zu. Zuko:after all these years I am finally coming home. Ty-lee: Isn't great that your on our side now Zuko? Mai:Stop flirting with Zuko Ty-lee or you'll get it(she said barely),Zoza:Azula why are we leaving the Avatar's friends alone they could still attack us? Azula:We must be patient,I have a new job for you Zoza. Zoza:What now Azula?I have already helped you enough.Azula:You need to find the Avatar's friends and end them. Zoza:What's in it for me? Azula:After this I cross my heart I will make my brother go on a date with you ok? Zoza:Me on a date with your brother what makes you think I like him?!(she said hestlantly)Azula:Oh I just thought you like him and didn't want Mai dating him. Zoza:And you have to promise not to tell I like him. Azula:so you do! Azula:first thing in the morning you find the Avatar's Friends and end them.(To Be Continued?)

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