OMG! I can make blog posts? That is total freakin' awesome sauce! =D

Well, what to write about? It says they're supposed to be Avatar Wiki related...well, I guess I'll go ahead and start by recounting the very depressing news I heard today.

I was reading a news article over on DeviantArt: It stated that, as a result of M. Night Shyamalan's freaking craptastic fail-a-thon of a movie, some Avatar fans are giving up on the show.

NOOO!!! Just...gah, no!! I don't understand that! I will never understand that! How could anyone ever give up on Avatar for something as trivial as a crappy adaptation! I just don't get it! It makes me sad! How could anyone who has enjoyed Avatar; who has fallen in love with the characters; who has laughed, cried, and learned from the show, possibly just walk away and try to go on with life as though they had never watched it??

GAAAH!!! It was bad enough when it was just a really crappy movie. Then, I was actually able to forgive Shyamalan. But now that he's actually freaking making fans walk away...NO!! Shyamalan, what the heck have you freaking done??? No!!! Do you realize that by "trying" to "support" Avatar, you are actually killing it?

It almost makes me sick! Shyamalan has no success in movie making, so he decides to leech off of Avatar's success, and as a result it is losing freaking fans!! PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY GIVING UP ON AVATAR!!! Darn you, M. Night!! Darn you to heck!!

I hope you're happy, M. Night. As far as those people are concerned, you've won. Congratulations. I hope your own freaking daughter smacks you!!

And that's why I'm a proud member of Avatar: The Candle Project. ATCP is a group dedicated to showing their love and appreciation for Avatar; we state that no matter how craptastic the movie was, no matter how many fans are lost, no matter how much we are frowned upon by those who underestimate Avatar; no matter what happens, we will always remember and love Avatar, the series. We strive to show our love to Mike, Bryan, and the rest of the ATLA team.

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