Sorry I havent posted in a while, but netflix got rid of Avatar and I had to wait for my mom to get Amazon prime so i could watch my episodes so I could do this blog. Anyway, I am back and writting my next blog summerizing and rating all the avatar episodes.

The King of Omashu

    This episode of course starts off with the usual speech made by Katara and then it"s off and running with aang and his friends staring off into the distance at the earth kingdom city of Omashu, and as aang mentions, the home of his old friend Bumi.They then go off and enter the city, but not before they get Aang a disguise made of Appa’s

hair and watch the cabbage merchant’s cart get knocked into oblivion by an earthbender.

When they enter the city, Aang explains how the Omashu delivery system works and he mentions another idea that his friend Bumi came up with: use the chutes as the “World’s Greatest Super Slide.” They then try it out, but are met with several unseen problems and crush the cabbage merchant’s new cart. They then get arrested, and instead of punishment, the king throws them a feast. At the feast, the king makes a lot of bad jokes and then proves that Aang is an airbender by throwing a piece of chicken at him and having Aang catch it with his airbending. After that, the king declares that Aang will have to face many deadly challenges the next day and sending them to the newly refurbished “good chamber that was once bad.”

The next day, Aang wakes up and his friends aren”t there. After that, a guard comes and takes him to the king, who then asks him about his new outfit. After Aang declares that it’s okay, the king gives Katara and Sokka rings made of jennamite, or “creeping crystal”, a gem that grows remarkably fast. He declares that he can stop Aang’s friends from being completely encased in the rock, but only if Aang passes the challenges.

The first challenge that Aang has to pass is: get the key on the chain with a later right underneath it. The only catch is that the chain, the key, and the latter are all encased in a massive waterfall. Aang first tries to climb the latter, but is pushed off by the water fall. He then tries to shoot through the waterfall and grab the key, but this to proves unsuccessful. He finally realizes that diving in headfirst won’t work, so he airbends and pushes a stalactite free, and hurls it at the chain. The stalactite impales the chain with the key above the king’s head.

The second challenge is to find the king’s pet flopsie. Aang sees a rabbit with very long ears and tells the king that he found his pet. When he tries to catch it, the rabbit runs away. He called out things like “come here flopsie”, and chased it, but instead a giant goat gorilla pops out of nowhere and chases Aang eventually realizes that the goat gorilla is flopsie and completes the second challenge.

 The final challenge is a duel. Aang gets to choose his opponent, and a giant buff guy and a skiny guy with a million different weapons on him come out. When the king asks him to choose wisely, Aang decides to choose the king. The king then takes off his robe and reveals a lot of muscles. The two then duel, and the king reveals that he is an amazing earth bender. Aang starts off the duel with a lot of dodging and avoiding all the king’s attacks. Aang finally whips up a sand tornado and shoots the King’s rock back at him and wins the duel. The king then tells Aang that he has to answer a question and points out that the fact that tests aren’t any good if you don’t learn anything. The king then asks Aang what his name is, and Aang discovered who he was after realizing that the tests made him think outside the box. He realized that the crazy old king was: his old friend Bumi. Bumi then tells Aang his destiny: master all four elements and defeat the Firelord.

The episode then ends off with Aang declaring that he has a challenge for Bumi and they ride the mail chutes and, yet again, destroying the cabbage merchant’s cart.

This is a great episode with some of the best humor in all of season one. It also has a graet plot and introduces King Bumi, who appears in a few other episodes throughout the series, as well as Katara and Aang naming their son after this crazy king. This is also the first episode with the cabbage merchant in it, and destroying his cart is a continuing joke throughout the entire show, even making an appearance in the Legend of Korra.

This episode reaches a 7.5 on my list, and it is still one of my favorite episodes.     

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