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Blind Bandit

 This episode starts with Sokka , who wants to get a new bag but isn't sure if he should get it because he thinks it costs too much.When he finally buys the bag and they leave the store, a guy on the street hands them a coupon for Master Yu's Earthbending Academy , and Aang decides to see if Master Yu is the earthbending teacher he's been looking for. After his lesson, in which he is beat up by another bender and thrown into a pot of sand, he decides that Master Yu isn't "the one". 

 He then hears two boys talking about Earth Rumble VI and asks them where it is. When they say it's none of his buisness, Katara freeZes the two boys to a wall and they tell her the location.

    When they go to Earth Rumble VI, they see a musculer guy named The Boulder beating up all of his opponents, which Sokka <3 watching. When they finally get to The Boulder's last opponent, we find out the champion, who has the prestigious Earth Rumble Belt, is just a little blind girl who goes by the name The Blind Bandit. When the boulder says that he feels confliced about fighting her beacause she's little and blind, she insults him and laughs. When Aang hears her laugh, he recognizes it from his hallucination in a swamp. When she wins without hardly trying, the leader of Earth Rumble VI, the leader,Xin Fu, offers a sack of gold pieces to anyone who could defeat her, and Aang volunteers.

 When the fight begins, Aang tries to talk to The Blind Bandit, but she keeps trying to attack, so Aang airbends her. when he tries to talk to her after she was knocked out of the ring, she earthbends a door in the rocks and slams it in his face. We then see Aang get the belt, and Sokka goes nuts.

When the tornament is over, Sokka says he's glad he bought the bag because it matches the belt perfectly. Aang then suggests they look for the blind bandit at the earthbending accadamy. When they get there, they run ito the two guys that told them about Earth Rumble VI, and they tell him that "the Blind Bandit is a mystery. She shows up to fight, then dissappears." Aang then asks about a girl in a white dress with a pet flying boar, and they tell him that the flying boar is the symbol of theBei Fong family, who are the richest people in town, but they don't have a daughter. Aang says that a flying boar is good enouh for him, and then walks out.

We then see The Boulder and Xin Fu talking, and they think that Aang cheated them.

  Aang and co. then break into the Bei Fong estate, and the Blind Bandit catches them and, after she talks to them a bit, calls the guards. After Aang, Katara, and Sokka make a hasty retreat, the guards come and one of them reveals the Blind Bandit's true name: Toph.

 The scene then cuts to two welthy looking people, who are revealed to br Toph's parents, talking to master Yu about Toph's earthbending training, when a servent tells them that the avatar has come for a visit. He welcomes Aang in, and they sit down to have dinner. At dinner, Aang tries several times to persuade Toph to teach him, but her father insists that she's just a beginner. Aftter toph bends at him several times from below the table, Aang does an airbending sneeZe and a lot of food spills.

 After dinner, Toph calls a truce and walks outside with Aang, and tells him that she sees by sencing vibratios in the ground, and then Xin Fu and the rest of the Earth Rumble VI competetors kidnap Aang and Toph. 

  When Toph's parent's, Sokka,And Katara find out that Aang was kidnapped, they went to the arena to pay the ransom, Xin Fu lets Toph go, but not Aang.  he then anounces that he's planning on giving up Aang to the fire nation. When Katara asks Toph for help, her father tries to protect her, but Toph goes anyway and beats up Xin Fu and all his devoted followers and rescues Aang. They then go back to the Bei Fong estate where Toph tells her parents who she realy is. Her dad then says that he's given her too much freedom and that she needs to be guarded 24/7. he then kicks Aang and co. out.

 It then goes to Aang talking to Katara,and he is very depressed, until Toph comes running up the hill and says her father changed his mind. She then gets the belt back from Sokka, and they all fly away on Appa.

 The episode then ends with Toph's father paying xin Fu and master Yu to hunt Toph down and bring her back to him.

 All in all, i think this is an exiting episode full of drama and suspense. 

on a scale of one to ten, this episode gets a nine.

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