This episode starts with Zhou talking to a geneal about hiring the yuyan archers in his quest for the avatar. The general denies this claim, until a messenger hawk flies up and brings the news of Zhou's  premotion.

We then go to team avatar, and Sokka and Katara are sick from the storm in the previos episode. Aang then leves to find medicine.

We then go to Zuko's ship, when Zhou's guards comes in and says Zuko has to tell them anything he knows about Aang, and Zuko tells them he has nothing to tell Zhou, while Iroh plays pai sho and wins a lot of cash.

We then go to Aang who is running to get medicine, when two fire nation guards see him and sound the alarm. Aang then goes to the apothacary, where a crazy an old woman is making some mushy stuff, after Katara tries to get momo to get her and Sokka some water.

We then see Zuko on his ship, were he is angrily shooting fire around. Iroh then comes up, and Zuko says that Zhou will probably catch the avatar before he does.

Aang is now in the apothicary, waiting for the old lady to finish the mush. when she finishes it, she tells him it's just her cat's dinner and that he needs frozen frogs for his friends to suck on. He then runs down to the river, with the yuyan archers on his tail. They eventually catch him in the river, and take him to a fire nation fortress.Zhou then visits the captive avatar, telling him he plans to keep him there untill he dies.

When Zhou finnaly leaves, we see momo give Katara a dead mouse instead of water, and then go to a guy in a mask sneaking into the fortress, fighting the guards, and then freeing Aang, after Zhou has a long boring speech about how the fire nation's biggest threat had been delt with and removed. The "blue spirit", or the guy in the mask, and Aang then try sneaking out, and then we go to Katara and Sokka surounded by things momo brought them. 

The "blue spirit" and Aang then resume there escape, when a guard sees them and they have a huge battle, ending up withe aang and his new found friend being cornered, when Zhou tells everyone not to kill them, when the "blue spirit" pulls out his swords and puts them aigainst aang's throut, which results in Zhou telling people to let them out. When they reach the end of the bridge conecting to the fortress, Zhou has a yuyen archer knock the "blue spirit" out by shooting his mask. aang then sees the scar underneeth the mask, creates a cloud, and drags Zuko away. We then see Zuko waking up and hearing Aang's story about his friend KuZon. Aang then asks Zuko if he thinks that they could be friends, which is followed by Zuko's attack, and Aangs retreat. Aang then gets more frogs and gets Katara and Sokka to suck on them. The episode then ends with the frogs jumping off their tonges and their unhappy and disgusted sounds.   

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