AVATAR EPISODE OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This episode starts out with Zuko wandering through the desert on his stolen ostritch-horse, looking as if he hasn't eaten in days. He sees two people cooking some meat and is about to steal it, when he sees that the woman is pregnant, and moves on. He then tries to drink water from a pouch, but all that comes out is one, small, drop. He then almost faints from staration and dehidration, when he sees a small vilage. 

The episode then cuts to four soldiers betting, who then turn to glower at Zuko as he walks into the town. He then walks up to a store and asks for some water, a bag of feed, and somthing hot to eat. The clerk says that he can't get him a hot meal, but he can give him two bags of feed. When the clerk goes back to get the feed, we see two kids throw an egg at the soldiers, who turn around, see Zuko, and imedietly assume it was him. When they confront him, they ask him two questions, and he answers both with an immediate "no". When the ringleader says that the egg had to come from somewhere, Zuko says, "Maybe a chicken flew over", which results in his feed bags being stolen. When the gang finally leaves, the clerk tells Zuko that they gang members aren't realy soldiers, they're thugs that abuse their power in the town. Then, the boy that threw the egg thanks Zuko for not ratting him out, says he'll feed his ostrith-horse for him, and drags the animal away, with Zuko on it's back.

We then cut to the boy and Zuko walking to a small farm, as a lot of farm animals snort, and squeak, and holler. While Zuko is staring at the animals, the boy says that no one cane ever sneak up on them, and Zuko replies with "No kidding". The boy's parents then walk up and ask him if he's a friend of Lee's, and Lee responds with "This guy just stood up to the soldiers!". Lee's mom then asks for Zuko's name, and when Lee's dad sees his hesitation, he says "He doesn't have to say who he is if he doesn't want to". Lee's mom than tells Zuko to work on the roof and then she'll give him some food.

We then go to Lee's dad, Lee, and Zuko on the roof. Zuko is trying to hammer nails and lee is bombarding him with questions. Lee's dad tells him to knock it off, but lee still asks Zuko about his scar, resulting in Zuko hammering  his finger.

We then go to a flashback with Zuko's mom and young Zuko feeding turtle ducks. we then see AZula and Ty Lee doing cartweels while Mai sits by a tree. Zuko then walks by, and Mai blushes. When AZula sees Mai blush, she vvispers somthing to Ty Lee and tricks her mom into making Zuko play with her. She then puts an apple on Mai's head and sets it on fire. When Zuko goes to knock it off her head, he accedently falls into a fountain and storms off while AZula and Ty Lee laugh. Zuko's mom then reads a letter to her children from their uncle and gives them the knife and doll that Iroh sent them.

We then see Lee steal Zuko's swords and attack a tree. Zuko then walks up and shows Lee how to use them, and when Lee cuts a wood chip off the tree, Zuko gives a proud nod, followed by Lee telling Zuko that he would probably like his brother, Sensu.

When morning comes, the soldiers come and tell Lee's parents that Sensu had been captured by the Fire Nation. Zuko then has a short flashback about the announcement of his cusin Lu Ten's death. we then see Lee's dad say he's going to war to find Sensu. Lee then asks Zuko to stay, But Zuko says no and gives Lee the knife Iroh gave him. He then rides his ostritch- horse away.

We then have another flashback of a meeting with fire lord AZulon. AZula demonstrates a fire bending move perfectly, but when Zuko tries it, he falls flat on his face. Zuko’s mom then leaves, and Zuko and AZula hide in some curtens. Zuko’s  dad, OZai, then asks AZulon to give him iroh’s birthrigh, the throne. AZulon was outraged at this coment, and told OZai that Iroh's suffered enough, but that OZai's punishment has barly begun, and Zuko flees.

Zuko is now in his bed, and AZula comes in and tells him that OZai is going to kill him, teases him, and leaves, followed by Zuko chanting AZula always lies. We then go back to older Zuko, chanting AZula always lies. Lee’s mom then comes and tells Zuko that Lee has been captured by the soldiers. Zuko then tells her that he’ll get her son back.

Zuko then goes back to the village, and confronts the soldiers, fighting three of them off, but nearly getting knocked out by the third. He then remembers his mom telling him not to forget who he is, and then leaving.He then wakes up, learns that his mom is missing and that Azulon has passed away, attends AZulon's funural, and wittnesses his father's corination as firelord. He then firebends at the sildier and kicks his but. he then tells the village who he is and everyone curses at him. when he tries to return the knife he gave to lee, lee responds with “I hate you”.  Zuko then leaves the town, hated by everyone in it.

One a scale of one to ten this episode gets an 8.5.

I like everything about this episode, except how the townspeople hated Zuko after he saved them from the bully soldiers.    

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