Hi, i'm Zukofan88888, and i'm creating a new blog. In this blog, i will review a random ATLA or ATLOK episode. here is my first post.



In my very first post, i'll be reviewing my personal favorite episode, The Western Air Temple. This episde starts off with Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, haru, The Duke, and Teo talking and walking to the western air temple. They reach a huge canyon and Toph says she knows they're there, and Katara comments by saying that she thinks Toph's feet need they're eyes cheacked, when Aang tells them all they really are there.

Then, we cut to a rope falling, and Zuko then comes down and swings on to a ledge. He then has a flashback where he and his uncle Iroh are in the western air temple. in the flashback, iroh is telling his nephew to heal and rest, followed with a harsh comment by Zuko. Zuko then reterns to the real world, and runs at the sound of Appa"s moan. 

We know are looking at team avatar, as Teo, Haru, and The Duke are running off to explore. Aang is about to join them, when Katara then suggests that they discuss they're new plans. Aang agrees, halfhartedly, and Sokka comes up with the idea that they use they're old plan, wich includes learning all four elements before the comet comes. They agree that this is a good idea, until Aang points out they can't get a fire bending teacher and runs off to explore the temple.

Then we cut to Zuko, pracicing his speech to try to get in to teanm avatar, which results in a badgerfrog jumping on his head. he then does pretty good Iroh and AZula impresions, which results in another badgerfrog jumping in front of him.

we then go to Aang pretending not to hear Sokka and Katara and then doing an air loop. They then land and are about to explore when Zuko shows up and says his speech while appa licks him. he then accidentaly lets slip that   he sent Combustion Man after  them, and they kick him out wich results in Zuko getting mad at himself and a fight between team avatar members. Toph then storms off and goes to see Zuko, who accidentally burns her feet, and she runs away.

When Toph gets back to the temple, Combustion Man shows up and attacks, and Zuko swings in and saves them. Combustion Man then blows himself up, and Zuko comes down and makes another speech, which Aang FINALY belives. All of his friends then agree to let Zuko into the group, katara a little reluctantly and Zuko goes into his new room, where he has another flashback, in which Iroh tells Zuko about destiny. Katara then comes and chews Zuko out, which ends the episode.

I like everything about this episode exept the ending, in which Katara is a jerk.

on a scale of one to ten, i give this episode a 10.    

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