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  • Zukofan88888

    Sorry I havent posted in a while, but netflix got rid of Avatar and I had to wait for my mom to get Amazon prime so i could watch my episodes so I could do this blog. Anyway, I am back and writting my next blog summerizing and rating all the avatar episodes.

    The King of Omashu

        This episode of course starts off with the usual speech made by Katara and then it"s off and running with aang and his friends staring off into the distance at the earth kingdom city of Omashu, and as aang mentions, the home of his old friend Bumi.They then go off and enter the city, but not before they get Aang a disguise made of Appa’s

    hair and watch the cabbage merchant’s cart get knocked into oblivion by an earthbender.

    When they enter the city, Aang explains how…

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  • Zukofan88888

    Listen, I know I haven't posted for a while, but I've been busy.So I decided to do a post only once a week. I hope I get some readers and plenty of coments! 

    Blind Bandit

     This episode starts with Sokka , who wants to get a new bag but isn't sure if he should get it because he thinks it costs too much.When he finally buys the bag and they leave the store, a guy on the street hands them a coupon for Master Yu's Earthbending Academy , and Aang decides to see if Master Yu is the earthbending teacher he's been looking for. After his lesson, in which he is beat up by another bender and thrown into a pot of sand, he decides that Master Yu isn't "the one". 

     He then hears two boys talking about Earth Rumble VI and asks them where it is. When they sa…

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  • Zukofan88888

    AVATAR EPISODE OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This episode starts out with Zuko wandering through the desert on his stolen ostritch-horse, looking as if he hasn't eaten in days. He sees two people cooking some meat and is about to steal it, when he sees that the woman is pregnant, and moves on. He then tries to drink water from a pouch, but all that comes out is one, small, drop. He then almost faints from staration and dehidration, when he sees a small vilage. 

    The episode then cuts to four soldiers betting, who then turn to glower at Zuko as he walks into the town. He then walks up to a store and asks for some water, a bag of feed, and somthing hot to eat. The clerk says that he can't get him a hot meal, but he can give him two bags…

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  • Zukofan88888



    This episode starts with Zhou talking to a geneal about hiring the yuyan archers in his quest for the avatar. The general denies this claim, until a messenger hawk flies up and brings the news of Zhou's  premotion.

    We then go to team avatar, and Sokka and Katara are sick from the storm in the previos episode. Aang then leves to find medicine.

    We then go to Zuko's ship, when Zhou's guards comes in and says Zuko has to tell them anything he knows about Aang, and Zuko tells them he has nothing to tell Zhou, while Iroh plays pai sho and wins a lot of cash.

    We then go to Aang who is running to get medicine, when two fire nation guards see him and sound the alarm. Aang then goes to the apothacary, whe…

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  • Zukofan88888

    Hi, i'm Zukofan88888, and i'm creating a new blog. In this blog, i will review a random ATLA or ATLOK episode. here is my first post.



    In my very first post, i'll be reviewing my personal favorite episode, The Western Air Temple. This episde starts off with Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, haru, The Duke, and Teo talking and walking to the western air temple. They reach a huge canyon and Toph says she knows they're there, and Katara comments by saying that she thinks Toph's feet need they're eyes cheacked, when Aang tells them all they really are there.

    Then, we cut to a rope falling, and Zuko then comes down and swings on to a ledge. He then has a flashback where he and his uncle Iroh are in th…

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