Well, I have to say, I've seen the movie and it was good, but not perfect. I don't mind the racial ethnicity of the character, It's just that....well........WHY CAN'T THEY PRONOUNCE THE CHARACTERS NAMES RIGHT!!!!!! Aang's name is suppose to be pronounced AAng not ONG, come on atleast he's not Ong Bak! Don't forget about Sokka and Iroh's names (pronounced "Souka" and "Eroh" in the films).

Aside from the names, the acting was a liiiiittle bit chessy. They almost made it seem as if it was a play instead of a movie. For example, "Souka" explained how his father taught him how to hunt and he explained it a bit logically, which is what Sokka did in the animated series, though it doesn't fit well with the movie version of the character. Another example, how Zuko introduced himself to everyone in the Southern Water Tribe. Nevertheless, A lot of the acting was well done.

Also, the storyline of the film seems a bit rushed. There doesn't seem to be any character development involved.

The death of Zhao was different from the animated series. Instead of being killed by the ocean spirit, he was killed by the waterbenders, which is awesome because we don't see anything like that in the animated series. Princess Yue's death is exactly the same, expect her body doesn't disappear, instead her body is floating the oasis and her white colored hair was turned back into her natural-born dark color.

Regardless of the misprounoucations and acting and whatever the hell was wrong with this movie, I still think it's great, not perfect, but it's great, so long as Toph will portrayed by an Asian actress in the sequel! I'm not a racebender or anything, I just thought that atleast one main character should be portrayed by an asian.

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