After a long absence, I've finally decided to come back!

I am so excided, I don't even know where to begin. Oh well, this blog post will be containing about everything I've experienced on my time off.

I have visited other wikis and I can honestly say that Avatar Wiki is my favorite. The community is like no other, don't take that for granted. The pages are amazing. I learn more on Avatar Wiki than I ever will watching LoK or A:TLA. This wiki is a masterpiece, and everyone on here should know what you all do to make this wiki great.

I have been very interested in photo editing A:TLA and LoK characters. One of my proudest achievements is removing Zuko's scar and it is amazing! He looks just like Iroh from LoK. I also would enjoy to edit any request you would have.

I will resume writing my fanon. The first chapter sucked, so I will make the second way better. Excited!!

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