I've read a lot about the Korra Season. The truth is, that I have a lot of doubts about her season. It's not that I like Aang more, even if it's a bit true, it is also that I am going to miss the old Avatar team. What about Zuko , Katara , Sokka , Toph , etc? The new season has not informed us about Zuko 's kids by now. Also, don't you think that instead of Korra it'd be better if an After-War season was made of Korra ? And after the After-War season, maybe, there would be time left to make a season for the new Avatar.

I like Korra, but seriously, don't you feel like you don't wanna know what happened after Zuko 's, Aang 's, Katara 's deaths? How are you supposed to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender or Legend Of Korra when the Old, BELOVED Avatar team is dead? Don't you feel like sometimes it'd be better if things had an end? An end before the Old Avatar Team vanishes from the series?

Last but not least, don't you feel weird when you watch the Republic City? IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE IT'S AVATAR-ISH! Don't you miss the old and rather Asian and not so tech-evolved architecture? I don't hate Korra , don't start moaning at me or complaining or reporting me like morons, this is just my opinion. What can I say, I'm not really used to changes.

I'll miss you old Avatar Team. ):

Zuko Fire

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