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  • ZukoMcCheesyFries

    I've been hearing so much Mako hate, it's making me sick. I remember the good old days when everybody like Mako. No it's just hate hate hate, but the occasional love. I don't think Mako did anything wrong. Break ups happen all the time. Everywhere. Probably everyday. I bet there have been worse break ups somewhere in the real world that leave people scarred for life. And I noticed all the hate started after episode 5 or 6. So I think shipping is a HUGE part of this. So just because Masami didn't happen doesn't mean suddenly Mako is to blame. Mako probably hasnt been on very many dates. Probably none until Asami hit him with her moped. So he is new at this. STOP THE HATE. FEEL THE LOVE. ;)

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