As we all know, the creators of Legend of Korra are wonderfully making a season 2. In season 1, a lot has happened. Korra got her bending taken away. Then got it back. Tarrlok and Amon (Noatok) died, which was a murder/suicide. Korra and Mako are sadly an item. Asami got left hanging again. And a whole bunch of other exciting details and events happened. I dont know what they'll have in store for season 2. So here are a few of my ideas.

  1. I think there will be a brand new villian since Amon and Tarrlok died. I mean, there has to be a villian. If there wasn't villian, then the show wouldnt go anywhere.
  2. We'll probably get a chance to see Zuko this time around. We havent seen grown up Zuko this season. So, if we get to see Zuko for the very first time since he got older, then that'll be exciting.
  3. There will probably be a few flashbacks of Tarrlok and Amon. Since they died, it should be in their honor to show a few flashbacks; at least one or two. Three at the most. (R.I.P Tarrlok and Amon. They will be missed).
  4. Hopefully, Asami finds someone new to date because Mako probably dumped her. I dont see why Mako is a jerkbender! I mean, he left Asami for Korra of all people. Asami needs someone. Maybe, Asami and Bolin would go out in this season.
  5. I think that Korra and Mako are going to have relationship problems. And then she finds a new guy, cheats on Mako, and Mako finds out. Mako dumps her and then goes back to Asami! (Sorry. Im a Masami shipper!)

And thats about it. And 1 more thing. They won't put Korra and Asami together! Children watch Legend of Korra as much as adults do. For all you Korrasami shippers out there, get mad at me if you want but they wont put that kind of stuff on a kids show that comes on Nickelodeon. I dont have anything against that sort of stuff, but I dont think the creators of Legend of Korra would do that. Nickelodeon will cancel Legend of Korra quick, fast and in a hurry. Sorry Korrasami shippers!

Leave all your idea's in the comments below and I shall keep you guys updated.

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