Season 1 of Legend of Korra was so-so. It had its good points and its bad points. I honestly thought it was rushed and could've been longer. Watching the last episode I was like, "Seriously?" because all the stuff that happen was expected. Here's a few examples:

1. Amon, Tarrlok and Yakone

I expected them to be related. Tarrlok and Amon sounded similar. Then the first vision Korra had, I compared Tarrlok and Yakone. The look alike in a way. The second vision when most of us viewers saw Yakone bloodbending, I kinda figured that Tarrlok was going to be a water bender. Then, when we figure out that Tarrlok is a water bender and a bloodbender, it was a connection between them. After all of that, I kinda figured that Amon and Tarrlok were brothers and Yakone was their dad.

2. Mako, Asami and Korra

I knew that Asami and Mako were'nt going to be a long lasting couple. In I think episode 4 when Korra and Mako kiss, I was thinking "Hmmm... Connection???". So then, Asami and Mako start arguing. I knew thought that they were going to break up, but they didn't. In the last episode when Korra and Mako confessed their love for eachother, I was thinking about Asami. What is Asami going to think? That was kinda messed up. The thought of Korra and Mako is just odd. If Korra and Mako get married in season 2, I will be outraged. That would'nt be good for season 2. It would make sence, but it would add on a whole different story, which will lead to theories left and right.

3. The Last Episode

The last episode was rushed. I knew Amon was lying all along. The credits gave out too many scenes from the show. They could've separated them into 2 parts for more action. It was obvious that Mako and Korra will start dating. I knew we would eventually see Bumi. It was obvious that Korra would get her bending taken, learn air bending and get her bending back from Aang. It was obvious that she would go into the Avatar State in episode 13. All of this stuff was expected! I was hoping for and interesting plot twist or something. It was great, but rushed.

And also, the part where Tarrlok is talking about Yakone, were they that advanced to have surgery to reconstruct Yakone's face? Maybe they were, but that's just something to this about.

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