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  • ZukoFanGirl1

    As we all know, the creators of Legend of Korra are wonderfully making a season 2. In season 1, a lot has happened. Korra got her bending taken away. Then got it back. Tarrlok and Amon (Noatok) died, which was a murder/suicide. Korra and Mako are sadly an item. Asami got left hanging again. And a whole bunch of other exciting details and events happened. I dont know what they'll have in store for season 2. So here are a few of my ideas.

    1. I think there will be a brand new villian since Amon and Tarrlok died. I mean, there has to be a villian. If there wasn't villian, then the show wouldnt go anywhere.
    2. We'll probably get a chance to see Zuko this time around. We havent seen grown up Zuko this season. So, if we get to see Zuko for the very first…

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  • ZukoFanGirl1

    It was kind of a let down when I saw the last episode when Mako and Korra kissed. I was upset at the fact that Mako left Asami to be with Korra. The people who are reading this can go ahead and hate me, but I dont think Mako and Korra make a good couple. It was messed up when they kissed in front of Bolin. Mako is a meanie and a brother and girlfriend betrayer. What happened to Asami? Did they break up? I would've liked to see more of Mako and Asami because they seemed like a good couple. The love triangle between Mako, Korra and Asami was too intense. Interesting, but intense.

    I felt bad for Asami especially because she was left hanging! Mako said, "Who cares about Asami anymore? Her father left her! Maybe I should do the same, but leave …

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  • ZukoFanGirl1

    Season 2 of Legend of Korra is CONFIRMED!!! Sorry if this is a duplicate blog! The editors and creators are done with the storyline, but they're in the middle of story boarding and stuff. Im not exactly sure if they found voice actors yet. And I'm also not sure when it is going to be released. Sorry for the lack of information. I shall keep you guys updated! Maybe season 2 will come out this year, but I doubt it. I think it's coming out in 2013. Hopefully they'll have a season 3. Season 2 is going to be 14 episodes. Hopefully we'll get a season 3 if Nickelodeon see's a lot of support from season 2. The only season that is confirmed right now is season 2 not season 3.

    Sorry once again for the lack of information and I'll keep you guys update…

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  • ZukoFanGirl1

    Season 1 of Legend of Korra was so-so. It had its good points and its bad points. I honestly thought it was rushed and could've been longer. Watching the last episode I was like, "Seriously?" because all the stuff that happen was expected. Here's a few examples:

    1. Amon, Tarrlok and Yakone

    I expected them to be related. Tarrlok and Amon sounded similar. Then the first vision Korra had, I compared Tarrlok and Yakone. The look alike in a way. The second vision when most of us viewers saw Yakone bloodbending, I kinda figured that Tarrlok was going to be a water bender. Then, when we figure out that Tarrlok is a water bender and a bloodbender, it was a connection between them. After all of that, I kinda figured that Amon and Tarrlok were brother…

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  • ZukoFanGirl1

    Asami Sato is the daughter of a well known Equalist, Hiroshi Sato. She runs into Mako with her moped and then they shortly begin dating. Asami is a non-bender, but she's not an Equalist. When Mako starts defending Korra while she's hurt, I suspect she starts getting jealous. Then, Bolin tells Asami about Mako and Korra's kiss.

    Asami is starting to get jealous!!! But she looks sad. I honestly think Asami is kind of upset, but maybe she has mixed feelings about the situation. I think she's sad and upset because she doesn't want to lose another person she loves. She already lost her dad to the Equalists. I hope she doesnt break up with Mako. That would be a huge mistake and she'll probably get depressed or something.

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