This has been irritating me since the finale, and i think it about time that i try getting some views on how it was possible for Amon to take peoples bending way using bloodbending. How did he do it? Did Amon use a combination of chi blocking and bloodbending to remove a person's bending abilities? Why did he need to be in direct contact with benders to take away their bending? What did Katara mean when she said that Amon 'severs' a benders link with their corresponding element? And more importantly, how exactly was Korra able to airbend despite Amon attacking her?

Zolt being bloodbent

Amon taking away Lightening Bolt Zolt's Firebending.

These questions have been raised in my head since I watched the season 1 finale, and I would really appreciate your help at trying to uncover this mysterious aspect of bloodbending. I would love to hear your theories, so come on down and leave ur views/ideas/opinions in the comment section below :D

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