• I live in the Fire Nation
  • I was born on June 6
  • My occupation is A Former Prince to the Fire Nation
  • I am a Firebending Master
  • Zuk0sBro

    This has been irritating me since the finale, and i think it about time that i try getting some views on how it was possible for Amon to take peoples bending way using bloodbending. How did he do it? Did Amon use a combination of chi blocking and bloodbending to remove a person's bending abilities? Why did he need to be in direct contact with benders to take away their bending? What did Katara mean when she said that Amon 'severs' a benders link with their corresponding element? And more importantly, how exactly was Korra able to airbend despite Amon attacking her?

    taking away Lightening Bolt Zolt's Firebending. ]]

    These questions have been raised in my head since I watched the season 1 finale, and I would really appreciate your help at tryi…

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