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  • ZonkeyMachine

    Well, there’s going to be a lot of gloating, defensiveness, and maybe some apologizing. There was a good deal of heated arguing about whose side Hiroshi and Asami Sato were on, and now we see that Hiroshi and Asami are in fact on opposite sides (unless of course there’s even more deception going on).

    You’d think the writers were trying to tease at every existing fan theory; we saw a bit of the Cabbage Corp theory as well. Every time this show reveals the answer to a mystery, almost every fan theory gets a piece of it. The same thing happened with shippings—in “The Spirit of Competition,” pretty much every major shipping had a few moments of glory. Uuurgh.

    On a closing note, I just want to share my excitement at the follow-up to the easter-egg bl…

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