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  • Zombiehunter115

    What's up guys, i'm Zombiehunter115, or just ZH115 for short. i don't really think i'll be coming back on here often, but i've always loved The Last Airbender, and this new Legand of Korra show is pretty cool. i've been thinking. how r they gonna keep the Korra story different from Airbender and have it last. i mean, in Airbender, the whole main story is Aang needs to learn the other three elements. in Korra she knows them already. this is gonna be a short tv show. but then i thought, well maybe, since Korra will fight Amon in the next episode, Amon wins and takes away her bending. little does he know, he takes away only ONE of the elements. doesn't matter which one, just ONE of them. so, if he really wanted to defeat her, then h…

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