If I were to give M. Night Shyamalan a rating in the form of stars, I'd give it 2 and a half out of 5, exactly in the middle, not the best, but definitly not as bad as everybody makes it seem. I'm now going to say my views on the matters and arguements.

The first one is the "wooden dialouge". True some parts were a bit flat, but not so flat that it would classify as wooden. And two, that's more of an opinion then a arguement you back up with facts (like, maybe some people, just think it's flat, not woodend so it doesn't truely help)

The second one, that's not all that common, but has been said, is the rushed feeling of the movie. I can agree with that, but rather then treat that as a flaw that can be avoided, it really can't. The movie had to cram 20 30 minute episodes into an hour or so long movie.

Now on to the firebending thing. M. Night even said that he was going to make firebending ahead of time, so people can't really act surprised. And his reason is that he felt that since the firebenders could genrate fire and the others can't that it gave them an unfair advantage. Normally I would find a source to help me here, but I can't find the one I had in mind. UPDATE 6/13/11: It's on the TV Tropes page, somewhere. Update 2 7/15/2012: Found it on this TV Tropes page

The next is the whole name "problem". Again M. Night said that'd be different. And it's actually accurate to Asian writing characters.

As for missing characters, M. Night had to cut them for time. Again, they needed to cram 20 30 minutes episodes into an hour or so.

My responce to the whole "Avatar can't have a family" thing. Remember, the Air Nomads are based on Tibetan Buddhism. Monks can't be married or have families. And remember in the cartoon, the way they prove Aang is the Avatar is similar to the Lama of Tibetan Buddhism. The Lama can't be married. It may only apply to Air Nomad Avatars in the movie universe.

And one more thing I must say before I go. It's a film adaptaion. When is a movie adaptation as good as the original. Now I liked the movie, but I'm not going to say it's the best film in the world, but it's not as bad as everyone tries to make it seem.

Now if you guys are going to comment, please, no unnessisary cursing or insults. Just say, I disagree, tell me what you disagree with, I'll try to get back to you on it.

See you all later

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