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  • Ziryerx

    Wow! First of all, what an amazing episode. Terrific development and great balance of plot and action. Anyway, I noticed that this episode contained quite a few revolutionary moments in the World of Avatar, in other words events that happened that I would not expect or that have not happened before.

    The first and most obvious event is when Eska gives Bolin a betrothal necklace. Generally the boy gives the girl a necklace requesting her hand in marriage, but also this custom is typically only practiced between members of the Northern Water Tribe, and not only is Bolin not from the Northern Water Tribe, but he is not from either Water Tribe.

    Another norm that seemed to be broken in this episode was the use of firebending as a defense against w…

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  • Ziryerx

    I believe that the two series, although extremely different in plot aspects, work amazingly well with one another, producing a quite common relationship between sequeling pieces of literature, or in this case, television series. While looking at the Last Airbender series from a Legend of Korra perspective, one can view the former as a history book, filled with many intriguing stories, life lessons, and interesting facts, as well as an incredibly amazing underlying plot line that is able to captivate the viewer's attention for three entire seasons.  However, one sees this as a past world with few remnants still existing in the current world, and one begins to wonder how to deal with the problems of the present given this knowledge of the pa…

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  • Ziryerx

    Where's the Wood

    September 16, 2013 by Ziryerx

    In the following post I discuss topics pertaining to the Northern and Southern Water Tribes as they exist after "The Southern Lights" episode of Legend of Korra, so in order to avoid confusion I use the terms North or South Pole to refer to the specific spiritual point rather than the entire landmass.  To address the landmass, I state "the surrounding area" or something of the like.

    So, we are now introduced to wooded regions in the surrounding areas of both the Northern and Southern Water Tribes. Previous to "The Southern Lights" in Book 2: Spirits, the only vegitation that we see in the surrounding territory of either tribe are the plants by the Spirit Oasis at the Northern Water Tribe, but these are only shoots of bamboo rather than tree…

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