This is my first attempt at writing a blog. The blog is a description of my theory about Tarrlok being Amon.

The comment section of this blog can be used to discuss about this theory.

This theory is valid until disproven and currently based on episode 1 till 8. I will update it as new information/epdisodes will be released. Obviously it will contan spoilers if you haven't seen episode 1 till 8 yet.

About Tarrlok:

Tarrlok seemed manipulative from the start, as can be seen early in the series, Tarrlok manipulates the other members of the council to vote for his ideas by using flawed logic that seems right, but really isn't. He continues to do this throughout the series. Furthermore he also manipulates Korra in different ways to join his taskforce. Including but not limited to flattery, bribing, media pressure and blackmailing. He seems to be very power hungry as pointed out by Tenzin and is apperant by the way he presents himself to the public.

About Amon:

Amon is operating behind a mask, hiding his identity for good reason. His claim that he lost his face has no meaning as it cannot be checked. Furthermore, Amon is using propaganda to trick the masses into joining his group. Even though a mayority of the members are not bad per se, Amon exploids them to do bad things. Amon has certain good points as the Non-Benders are in fact oppressed, however, Amon is now oppressing all benders, thereby also punishing those who have done nothing wrong, for the sins of a few. Even worse, Amon also punised non-benders (Cabbage Corp, for example) who do not join his program. He is using false truth, like the speech in the arena, to lure people into his organisation to use them as puppets. Once they join his group, it's hard to get out, and they will get dragged deeper into the problems.

It's immediatly apperant that Amon and Tarrlok are both very good at manipulating people and think their actions through. This can for example be seen early in the series where Amon does not take Korra's bending away even though he is perfectly capable of doing that. As he explained, this would only upset a lot of people, and thereby he would lose a lot of power and likely also a lot of followers. It's interesting to note that even non-benders turned to Korra claiming she is their avatar too. Which in essense is true, as the avatar is supposed to bring balance, not only between benders and nations, but between all people. Korra in a sense is the law, and is even above the police. This alone however is no proof that Tarrlok is Amon.

Off course I can not outright proof my theory anyway, but I have strong indications that my theory may be true. Some stunning simularities are seen between Amon and Tarrlok, and also some pretty strange occurances. For example Tarrlok never showed up at the same time as Amon, and Tarrlok never seemed to made any real progress in finding Amon, even though for some reason his 'sources' managed to locate a training facility of equalists. Even though he took them out quite easily with his newfound taskforce, capturing the equalists in training would not really hurt the equalists by a lot anyway. It only improved Tarrloks reputation, which is exactly what Tarrlok aimed for in the first place. As for the simularities, Amon is a very powerful fighter, while Tarrlok is a very powerful bender. Amon seems to be able to evade and redirect attacks like a powerfull waterbender. Off course, Amon can not really use waterbending because that would blow his cover, but like Korra and airbending, he can use the advantages of bending, without actually bending. So where and how did Amon learn to fight like that, being able to take down powerfull benders like Lightning Bolt Zolt with little difficulty?

Another weird occurance is in the fourth episode (I believe) where Korra faces Amon head on. Note that Amon only appears after Tarrlok and the police retreated. The equalists could have been hidden there all along, but Amon only showed up much later. And the weirdest things are, Korra got visions of presumably Hakone while captured by equalists, and simular visions when captured by Tarrlok. Also, Tarrlok compared Amon with Hakone, but Tarrlok himself seems to resemble Hakone much more. And in her last vision, Korra seemed to see Hakone using bloodbending not on one person, but on an entire group, Including Aang, apperantly. It was quite hard to see clearly though. And obviously, Tarrlok was powerfull enough to bloodbend, even without needing full moon, on one of the most powerfull benders in the world, Korra. The last thing I noticed, is that the eyes of Hakone (if that is Hakone) looked very much like the eyes of people who had their bending taken away. So maybe bloodbending has something to do with taking away bending.

Tarrlok also abuses his power to opress people, fueling the resistance against benders, and exactly that resistant he is usng to gain more power. He states that more power and force is needed to win the war againsts equalists, while the actions he is taking is only fueling the war. So what does Tarrlok gain with it? Power. As you can see, Tarrlok is allready controlling the police to do what he wants, he locked up all of Korras friends and a lot of other innocent non-benders, and he kidnapped Korra herself. Also he is making all the laws and even now he's trying to gain even more power, to the point of complete dictatorship. Also, if he really succeeds to take everyones bending away, he will become the only bender in the world, which will make him in essense not only the new 'avatar' but also the most powerfull person in the world. On top of being able to bloodbend.