• Zimmah

    This is my first attempt at writing a blog. The blog is a description of my theory about Tarrlok being Amon.

    The comment section of this blog can be used to discuss about this theory.

    This theory is valid until disproven and currently based on episode 1 till 8. I will update it as new information/epdisodes will be released. Obviously it will contan spoilers if you haven't seen episode 1 till 8 yet.

    About Tarrlok:

    Tarrlok seemed manipulative from the start, as can be seen early in the series, Tarrlok manipulates the other members of the council to vote for his ideas by using flawed logic that seems right, but really isn't. He continues to do this throughout the series. Furthermore he also manipulates Korra in different ways to join his taskforc…

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