Alright people, I know that there has been quite a bit of debate and discussion of LOKs most popular ships, which are known as Makorra, Masami, Borra and Bosami. But I'll just let you know, this blog post is not for shipping wars, nor is it about any of the ships that I have just mentioned.

Other than our four most popular ships in Legend of Korra, do you have a favourite? It can be a canon ship, or it can be a crazy crack ship. If you do have a favourite ship, what is it that makes it your absolute favourite?

For example, I very much like the Pemzin ship (Tenzin and Pema) because they are so sweet together with their little airbending babies...! Tenzin is, of course, a very serious man, while Pema appears to be more outgoing, and seems to bring a more casual dynamic to their relationship. I hope we can have some more Pemzin moments throughout the series, because they really need more love...! :)

I just want to know other peoples opinions, and to take a look at the ships that normally wouldn't be placed in the spotlight. Can't wait to hear you guys! :)

And I repeat, this is not a Makorra, Masami, Borra or Bosami post! Everything else, on the other hand, is free for discussion. And don't you go starting flame wars, okay?! ;)

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