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February 27, 2012
  • Zhiichiro

    Hello :) I just wanna share this dream of mine about the avatar series.. I really think this would be so nice, if they make it.

    a tv movie/special/one shot episode for Yancheng, Kuruk and Kyoshi. they each have one special 45 minutes episode about their lives as the avatar. and it would be titled Avatar: The Legend of Yancheng, The Legend of Kuruk and The Legend of Kyosh.

    Lol, this idea came to me after Beggining part 1 and 2, which shows the life of the first avatar, Wan. also Roku had a lot of flashback episodes. although Kyoshi had several cameo appearance as well, they never actually revealed her life as an avatar..

    It would really kill me to see these 3 special episodes xD I hope they release it. even if only in dvd or online.

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