Interview for the Fanon Fact Finders

When Past Meets Present

Host: Nozus Guest: Fruipit

Question 1: Your first chapter somewhat ties in with Silent Hero in Emerald; how has SHiE influenced your writing?

Well, SHiE was the first OC story I wrote. I actually went back and read a few of Minnichi's action scenes, plus the 'how to write an action sequence' article in one of the newsletters. I guess I just like shouting out to other authors in my stories - chapter two features a small reference to Henryjh98's fanon The Sole Woodbender. Regarding the use of Yuhan in my chapter, I needed something for Sokka and Suki to be doing regarding the Kyoshi Warriors and dispossession of the Dai Li - having an inside agent seemed appropriate, and who better than Yuhan?

Q2: Writing Avatar characters in character tends to be extremely hard, what is your secret!?

My secret? Well, I don't really have one. I have a general rule of thumb - Aang is kind and peaceful, Katara mothering, Toph like a rock, Sokka the joker and Zuko the angsty teen. The characters in this story are older, which gives me room to explore them a little more. I purposely made Toph an age similar to me, because I find it easier to write. I think that characters are only in character as long as you can justify it. With the fight with Aang, a strange Spirit after her, and a scar belying the fact that her past hasn't been as swell as her friends, I've tried to justify why she is so emotional. Toph isn't usually like that - something needed to set her off. In this case, its a mix of a few somethings. Not that I'm going to give much away - its a surprise!

Q3: Do real life events influence your writing?

To an extent. I've never been chased by a Spirit, but I did go through a period of depression several years ago; it began with a fight with a friend. That's probably as far as my life inspires this work, because I write to think of new ideas, not relieve old memories

Q4: You got the idea for WPMP after reading the Toph/Ummi theory; do you believe the theory?

Oh, not at all. I think it's absolutely ludicrous. But, it's fun, and it's interesting. Most peoples Toph/Ummi Theories involve Romantic Taang. I'm not planning on having anything other than brother-sister love between the two - that is, if they ever make up.

Q5: Is the Spirit someone we've seen before? Can we have a hint?

*That* spirit is a new one. She hasn't got a name yet, but I will introduce her as an actual character soon, not just a spectator. I have plans for another Spirit to help Toph overcome this one, but whether or not she will is another story - and I'm not giving any more hints on that.

Q6: How many chapters can we expect? Will this series have more than one book?

Oh, jeez, I actually don't have a length planned. probably more than 10 chapters, but I'm just letting the characters write it for me. You wouldn't believe how many ideas I've scrapped. I honestly have no idea where I'm going with this - strange, for me, i generally plan everything in advance. I have most of the next chapter written, but no idea what to do after that. Probably won't be another book, but depending on how it ends (which I already have an idea of), I may write a sequel

Q7: Lastly, if you could interact with any character in your fanon, who would it be?

Oh, I don't know. I wouldn't, I think. I'm chronicling the story, I wouldn't want to interact - it might cause bias :D

Q8: In your second chapter, your brilliancy gave us the perfect amount of perspective to the mysterious spirit, how do you plan to follow this in chapter three?

Well, my plan to introduce the Spirit has been achieved, however she will be fairly benign for the next few chapters. I prefer slow torture. What can I say? I'm such a sadist. No, well, the story won't work unless I round it off with the relationships. If I delve into the spirit too soon, it will be too rushed

And that wraps it up! Thanks for letting me interview you

Awesome, thanks for the wonderful interview! :D

To wrap it up, thanks for the chance to interview you

This test interview was done by Nozus in association with the Fanon Fact Finders.

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