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Well, here I am for my first Avatareview! *bites popcorn* Hello everybody, thanks for reading. For my inaugural review; I will be doing The Boy in the Iceberg, the first chapter of Avatar: The Last Airbender!

Warning: Avatar: The Last Airbender spoilers may follow.

Aang in the iceberg

Sokka and Katara, two teenage siblings living in the South Pole, discover Aang and his pet flying bison, Appa, trapped in an iceberg. After Katara frees him, she discovers that he is an airbender and the siblings take him to their home village in the Southern Water Tribe. Meanwhile, his awakening attracts the attention of the Fire Nation's Zuko, who is intent on capturing him.

The opening of my favorite series ever, an amazing series, The Boy in the Iceberg most definitely captures the essence of the series; however the opening episode of any series; cannot be perfect; and even this one has its flaws.


Score: 7.7 - The series kicks off to a very slow start. You are practically as bored as Sokka and Katara when the series starts! Although it does pick up pace, the episode remains pretty much uneventful. The entire plot does not thicken. The only "wowzer" moment is when Zuko spots Aang and Katara


Score: 6.8 - This is the only episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender that I have seen less than fifteen times. The episode does do a great introduction of many great characters; but otherwise it is dull. I gave it extra points because it is originally paired with The Avatar Returns.


Score: 9.0 - This is the best score I've given to this episode; for a reason! Several (minor) details in this episode are later hinted upon. Like when Hama is revealed to have helped freeze the booby trapped ship that Katara and Aang later enter. The entire episode gives hints that are later revealed in the series; and easily has great, not perfect, but great continuity!


Score: 7.2 - Some of the dialogue is really cheesy; and sometimes just plain annoying. Although the dialogue will grow, Sokka is not very funny, Aang is far too serious, and Zuko (who is already Aangst full) is far too aangry. Props on Iroh though, who caused me to up the score an entire point.

Character Development

Score: 8.4 - The opening episode does involve great character devolopment. Zuko, Aang, and Katara immediately caught my eye as some of the best characters. Who would guess that Zuko, than Katara would become my two favorite characters? Everybody.


Score: 6.0 - This is the lowest score I gave this episode for a reason. This episode is just plain, bland, and boring, aside for the last five minutes. This episode really cannot survive without The Avatar Returns, so it is no wonder the Action was terrible.


Score: 8.2 - The viewer is thrown into a world where people control Water, Earth, Fire, and Air yet it somehow feels believable. Like you could actually do that outside of a television box. That, there is some "magic".


Score: 8.9 - The opening episode easily identifies that Katara and Aang will end up together; Not to shabby in my book. Espescially since they are the best couple in A:TLA! This episode also does not include any other Katara pairings for which I'm greatful.

Average score: 7.7 It is no surprise that this episode scored low; however; it did do well for an opener.

What could improve?: Bryke could have given us better dialogue, and more action. Those would have raised the rewatchability, and together, the three may have raised the overall score to around 8.5!

Thanks for making avatar Bryke, thank you so very much!

--Nozus (wallcontribs) 23:54, March 21, 2013 (UTC)

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