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Avatar Canon Trivia 3

Hello, world, and all whom inhabit it! In perspective, this is my first Canon Trivia Contest in this title format, but I did previously host two others, so, I'm gonna tone it down a bit, and make it similar to a canon version of Avatar Fanon Trivia (even borrowing a few rules)! This time, I'm going to be posting questions on a more regular pattern thatn my previous contests.

As in Avatar Fanon Trivia, the winner will get a special Userbox to go on their userpage. I'm also going to try and come up with some harder questions. To check what times I will be online, see below. 


  • Must have an account.
  • Answers to questions should be posted as reply to the comments of the questions they answer.
  • Unless it says otherwise, all questions are worth one point each. That’s a point for a correct answer and a point off for an incorrect answer.
  • Questions are closed after they are answered correctly.
  • No editing comments to get ahead of someone else.
  • If you’re a rollback or admin, no deleting comments to gain an edge for yourself or someone else.
  • Violations will result in point reduction or disqualification at Nozus’s discretion.

Online Activity

I am usually online between the following times;

  • 3:00 - 6:00 PM (EST) Weekdays
  • 9:00 AM - Midnight Weekends

Score (Last Updated 14 Mar 18:52 UTC)

  1. Mage - 8
  2. Nyx - 4
  3. Dzon - 2

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