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    Chai Zukinu

    May 4, 2013 by Zeromm

    Chai Zukinu              Born:1716BG          Died:1535BG             Preceeded Mun Jin and suceeded Zecheni.    Born in the eastern fire nation and learned waterbending by Avatar Cotiruk.When he was 17 Chun Zukinu destroyed the nothern Earth kindom for revenge on Earth king Soziki and prince Kyunzi.Because of this he became the firelord for 30 years and died as Dragon emperor.                          Destroyed The earth kingdom for selfish reasons and Ba Sing Se was ruined by Chai Zukinu's angry spirit.Then the fire nation was destroyed by Avatar Rochien's spirit.Avatar Chai Zukini banished his father Firelord Kochanu For killing his mom.                                             Preceeded by:Zecheni      Suceeded by:Mun Jin

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