This is a page explaining how to use preexisting userboxes. If you need any help or you can't find a userbox you are looking for you can write on my message wall and I will try and help in anyway I can. Also if you have anything to add to the page or if you see an error I would appreciate it if you would let me know.

Userboxes come in a wide variety of categories including bending forms, characters, episodes, shippings, ect. They can all be found in the Userboxes category.

Examples and Tutorials

On the page of each userbox it will tell you exactly what to type to get the desired box. Most userboxes typically follow the same pattern.

{{User ''topic of userbox''|''opinion''|''reason''}}

However opinion and reason parts are optional.

Basic Userbox

This user {{{1}}} Korra {{{2}}}.

For the box above I typed

{{User Korra}}

Same Userbox, but more customized.

This user likes Korra {{{2}}}.

For the box above I typed

{{User Korra|likes}}

Or if you don't like someone you can do the same.

This user hates Korra {{{2}}}.

For the box above I typed

{{User Korra|hates}}

Same Userbox, but completely customized.

This user thinks Korra kicks butt.

For the box above I typed

{{User Korra|thinks|kicks butt}}

Another Example - Completely Customized

This user likes Lin because she is Toph’s daughter.

For the box above I typed

{{User Lin|likes| because she is Toph’s daughter}}


Here "" are all of the userboxes available.

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