• Yusufmusic


    Can someone help me?

    I'm totally confused about the eye colors.

    Isn't this the right order:

    Fire nation: Amber

    Water tribe: Blue

    Air nomads: Grey

    Earth kingdom: Green.

    But then I saw fire nation has grey & brown too, water nation has grey and purple, air nomads does have brown too.

    Does that mean everyone in the avatar is concected to each other ?

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  • Yusufmusic

    Hey guys, 

    I'm kinda curious about Kya & Bumi. Do you think they got childeren? I hope Kya got childeren, so the strong waterbending line of Katara wouldn't exist. Kya would be a great mother, because she is already a great aunt to the childeren of Tenzin & Pema. 

    I'm also wonder what happend between Suki & Sokka. Did they got married? Did they got childeren? I hope they got married and everything, because they fit each other very well! 

    Also Azula, we saw her for the last in The Search part 3, when she was running away from the group. Did she maybe run to the Forgetfull Valley and got a new face and a new life? I hope she turned good at some point in her life.

    Greetings :) .. 

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  • Yusufmusic

    Air Nomads

    March 19, 2014 by Yusufmusic


    What do you guys think about the fate of the Air Nomads? I think it's really horrible & sad. Why did they let them all die? 

    It's also so sad to read that the little group of Air Nomads who escaped the genocide also were killed. The balance of the world is damaged this way, I don't like this idea of the creators. Well they got the Air Acolytes now, but they are not the same. They can't take the place of the Air Nomads in my opinion. 

    I think it's also a cool idea if the lion turtles will make a come back, like a small of group them have survived the hunt down on them. With this, the Air lion turtles give the Air Acolytes the power of Air. With this the "Air Nomads" are kinda back. 

    I will like te know what you think about this. 


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