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Yuraenia March 12, 2011 User blog:Yuraenia

Ok...just to let you know, guys, this is my first time posting an Avatar blog...

So...shipping...the very first time I heard of shipping was with the Pokemon anime which involved Ash x almost-every-girl-on-the-Pokeplanet so I ended up jumping from one ship to another at times for that series. But after hearing about Avatar shipping, it was interesting that there were a lot less pairs than Pokemon. However, with less pairs came more conflict between opposing ships, as I've seen browsing throughout the web. It was only recently that I heard of the "Shipping Wars" that took place on I-don't-know-when (someone want to elaborate for me on that?). Back then, I thought it would be unthinkable to pair Katara, the heroine, with the enemy, Zuko, before Season 3 was even announced. Of course, I'm still against the Zutarian pairing but I am not one to bash often.

So obviously, with that last sentence, I'm a Kataanger. I like to stick with canon instead of having to almost destroy the entire storyline of the series by altering who ends up with who. For me, it's easier that way. I am, however, surrounded by numerous Zutarians where I study, or at least, more people I've met who knew Avatar liked Zutara more than Kataang because of the whole "they look cute together and Aang's too young" reason. Sometimes I ask, so what if Aang's too young? I know a bunch of couples where the girl is older than the guy so that shouldn't be much of a problem. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but often, the rivalry gets a little out of hand (ex. finding Zutara images on a KATAANG search and all the offensive language against each other). I should be glad I did not participate in this "Shipping War" but I like excitement sometimes and I like to debate. But is it worth it to be so against each other?

P.S. I hope I made some sense today...

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