I do have some fanon ideas, I'd really like an opnion here before I launch any of them.

Idea #1

The World is at peace at last, and everyone is enjoying the tranquility. But the mysterious Airbender/Earthbenderhybrid who's origins nobody can discover is racing throughout the world, causing havoc, (not killing, more like just destroying random things and pranking) much to the G-Aang's chagrin. When Zuko and Mai's teenage daughter Li Li volunteers to try to stop the annoying prankster, everyone says no. But Li Li has talents of her own... including the ability to cry flames. She takes on the quest, only to find that everything is not quite what it seems... and the world IS in danger, from a very unexpected source.


"Please? Please, Mother. I can do it, and I'm majorly bored."

" It is NOT a suitable activity for someone bored. Go boss someone around, or buy something. I really don't care."

"You never listen to me! I'm a better firebender than you think!"

"Very well, but Sifu Me-ye would like to at least see a Level One hotkick before you leave his classroom. Do a Level 27 lighting redirection, and maybe I will

reconsider the matter."

Lili left the room in a huff. Her mother was so, so, STIFF! She never listened about the things Lili cared about. Lili COULD firebend, she just hated stupid Sifu Me-ye and his boring anecdotes on fire's inner core and twenty hours spent making tiny flames come out of her fingers. She wished she had a teacher that DID something. Oh yeah, and parents that were around. Sure, she saw her mother alot, but, if you can believe it, she'd never spoken to her father. Ever. He was just too busy for family vacations and dinners. She'd seen him many times, but he'd never seen her as a non-infant. Maybe she could convince him. Maybe, if she pulled out ALL the stops.

Lili walked down the luxurious hallway, glancing behind her every few seconds. She knew it was paranoid, but she'd never done this before. Maybe it was illegal or something. Going to see your father shouldn't be illegal. But Lili felt that normal rules didn't apply here. Finally, she found the right door. It was red and gold, and was absolutely ginormous. Larger than life. Just like her father seemed to be.

"Let me in, please." Lili said to one of the guards at the door. He looked own on to her. "What do you think you're doing? This is the Fire Lord's study. You can't just walk in!" Lili sighed and kept walking towards the door. One of the guards sent an angry fireblast at her. She rolled her eyes and said "Look. I"m the princess, you can't attack me with fireblasts when I try to visit my dad, otherwise, you're liable to be put in jail for life if I get really hurt." The guard's eyes widened, and he let Lili pass. She took a breath and pushed through the door. A middle-aged man looked up from the desk, his forehead scrunched in thought. "Yes? he said, looking straight at Lili.

To Be Continued

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